The thrill is gone…

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Michael Jackson on what he’s thinking about when he’s dancing… “I’m not thinking, thinking it the biggest mistake a dancer can make. You have to feel.”

aura writes; a truly gentle soul and incomparable legend has abruptly left us. Tragically we lost a treasured part of him to a weird little world long ago that was as strange as it was sad. You were the creative light of a very joyful generation, Michael, with talent the likes of which we’ll never see again. You were art personified to the height of its perfection with a voice so spectacular and dance moves so striking, they thrilled so much we couldn’t look away. When you were at the height of your genius, your creativity was as explosive as a supernova. So much so many of us longed for years that you would make a successful comeback and regain some of your past glory, but alas, it was not to be.

You once said the source of your inspiration was the innocence and purity of consciousness found in the face of a child, the highest truth a human can attain and one only known by meditation’s greatest masters. Surely the light of that knowledge carried your soul soaring to the heights of God consciousness when you surrendered you last breath.

The world will never forget you or see the likes of you again, Michael. Your radiant soul will undoubtedly be enveloped and protected by an infinite and unbroken stream of well wishes and prayers as it travels on its mysterious journey through the realms of the Deathless Spirit that expand forever and forever. God bless you gloved one. You were really something special.

Farewell, dear Michael, and dancing at the speed of light, may you moonwalk your way across heaven,




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