A big fat FUCK YOU to Congress’s recent resolution on Iran

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…and hurray for Ron Paul.

Where was the out rage about THIS you dirty mother-fuckers!!!

aura writes; Kudos to Stacie Herbert for her fantastic post. She is absolutely right when she points out the police state clamp down that took place in Pittsburgh at the G 20, which led to scores of arrest and injured and incarcerated citizens. Instead of condemning the actions of our own military and law enforcement agencies, our bought and paid for Congress condemns what they claim is a “brutal crackdown” in Iran. Talk about condemning your neighbor for having a speck in their eye while you have a beam in your own.

The images she posted were almost as bad as the torture photos from Abu Gharib.

Where was the outrage from OUR government, the supine media and the international community when from the police state tactics employed in Pittsburgh? And in Denver, an ABC news reporter was shoved into the street by a cop into oncoming traffic and violently arrested for having the audacity to stand on a public street and videotape lobbyists entering a Democratic fundraiser at a downtown Denver hotel. It really makes you sick to witness the expanding police state in the U.S. and almost wish there was no money left to finance the government’s over the top jack booted excesses, with its escalating brutality.

Have you heard the latest? Two cops pointed a gun through the drive thru window of a fast food worker because he minimum wage worker didn’t serve their food fast enough. The cop that brandished the gun is now on administrative leave WITH PAY and the other cop is STILL on the job. Makes you feel safe, doesn’t it?

Maybe if we are lucky, there will be a giant earthquake in California and at the same time the caldera beneath Yellowstone Park will erupt, taking out this whole corrupt Anglo, Dutch, American system with it. I would rather take my chances with Mother Nature than the corrupt leaders now in control of this government.


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