A walk down memory lane with the late Peter Pan of Pop and his chimp Bubbles

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aura writes; Before leeches and parasitic hangers on got control of Michael Jackson’s mind, life and bank account 25 years ago after he sustained burns to his scalp while filming a Pepsi commercial, he was at his artistic Zenith, entertaining the world with a genius never before reached by any recording artist or equaled since. The painkillers prescribed for Michael to manage the pain of his injury marked the beginning of his decades long addiction to drugs, and a long and tragic descent that robbed his fans of the privilege of seeing him reach his true unlimited artistic potential. Michael’s steady transformation into a shadow of his former self was a sad spectacle played out in front of the millions of fans that loved him and were powerless to reclaim him from the maniacal handlers controlled his world and ended up stealing everything he attained from him. However before that tragic turn of events, Michael’s stratospheric rise to Global Superstardom was one of the most interesting and exciting eras in entertainment history and will never be forgotten nor repeated. Michael was a the original Global Superstar who rose to fame on his own God given talents without having to rely on publicists or media hype, unlike the corporate creations of today like Madonna and the American Idol culture of entertainers churned out whose talents are insipid hype driven garbage. The period of Michael’s ascent on the world stage was unique in the history of music and a time that will forever be a treasured as a cherished gift by fans who watched him soar to the pinnacle of his career as one of the most loved, entertaining and successful artists ever of all time.

We at mysticalmaven.com would like to continue our ongoing tribute this week to the former Peter Pan of Pop by posting a video of Michael visiting Japan in the 1980’s with his chimp Bubbles. The memorable pet that was once Michael’s constant companion drinks tea with Michael during a Tokyo press conference, and is also seen moonwalking in front of a Japanese temple. Enjoy viewing this rare footage of this one of a kind irreplaceable performer. May his soul be liberated from all suffering. God bless you Michael.


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