The late GREAT Michael Jackson’s final resting place yet undetermined

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aura writes; The King of Pop, the late great Michael Jackson, has not yet been buried. Reports are circulating that he will be laid to rest once his brain has been reinserted into his skull following neuropathology studies to determine conclusively the cause of death. Many, including myself, are hoping that Jermaine Jackson’s wish to have his brother laid to rest at Neverland will ultimately be realized. The late King of Pop’s mother is opposed to the idea because her late son abandoned the property after it was violated by sheriff’s deputies seeking evidence to use against the King of Pop during the child molestation trial brought by the vicious Santa Barbara County DA against the innocent Michael Jackson, greatest entertainer of all time. The verdict on all 13 counts against Michael Jackson was NOT GUILTY, which resulted in an EPIC FAIL for the DA of Santa Barbara County.

It would be a blessing for fans worldwide, for Santa Barbara county, and ultimately for the King of Pop himself to be laid to rest at Neverland. The late King of Pop was not a pedophile, as some vicious insensitive and downright cruel buffoons on the radio talk show circuit claim, but a misunderstood spiritual genius whose damaged inner child constantly sought to reclaim a childhood lost to hard labor enforced by an abusive parent, which delayed the normal progression of his stages of childhood development. This resulted in a fascination with children and activities of childhood that was nothing more than innocent cupidity.

As soon as details of the King of Pop’s burial emerge, I will post them on this site to keep MJ’s fans everywhere updated on the latest info. God bless the late Michael Jackson, his loving family, friends and adoring fans.


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