Dr. Arnie Klein reminds us of Michael Jackson’s true legacy of compassion on July 9th episode of Larry King Live

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Gone Too Soon ~ by Michael Jackson

Like a rainbow
Fading in the twinkling of an eye
Gone too soon

Shiny and sparkly
And splendidly bright
Here one day
Gone one night

Like the loss of sunlight
On a cloudy afternoon
Gone too soon

Like a castle
Built upon a sandy beach
Gone too soon

Like a perfect flower
That is just beyond your reach
Gone too soon

Born to amuse, to inspire, to delight
Here one day
Gone one night

Like a sunset
Dying with the rising of the moon
Gone too soon
Gone too soon

aura writes; During Larry King’s interview with the late GREAT King of Pop’s dermatologist, Dr. Arnie Klein, on his July 9th show, Dr. Klein speaks about Michael Jackson’s struggle with Lupus and Vitiligo and reminds us of the late King of Pop’s true legacy of compassion. It is important to remember the many acts of kindness that truly comprise the lasting legacy of the late GREAT Michael Jackson’s exalted life. Michael Jackson’s family, friends and fans are now trying to reclaim that legacy for him – one that was tragically marred by the greed of those that exploited the kind star to extort his riches. In the wake of the beloved King of Pop’s untimely and tragic passing, his family, friends and fans alike are now understandably reacting angrily to the ugly unfounded charges and trial that tarnished the compassionate superstar’s illustrious image and demanding that his name now be cleared. Michael’s fans also felt the pain he suffered during his trial, and ruefully witnessed the deep discouragement that drove Michael from the U S and into isolation in the Middle East and Ireland following his complete exoneration.

On Larry King Live Wednesday night, Dr. Arnie Klein, spoke to Larry about the love and respect Michael demonstrated towards Ryan White by publicly embracing him and inviting the nation to do the same despite the sense of dread, fear and bewilderment they felt about his disease. Giving true meaning to his melody, It Doesn’t Matter if You’re Black or White, Michael crossed racial barriers, risking his reputation to reach out to Ryan White and teach the world the meaning of selfless love and compassion.  Michael nobly offered himself in the service of Ryan White, sharing life’s joys and sorrows with him, and setting himself up as a shining example for others of love, understanding and acceptance, so that people would set aside their fears and prejudices and no longer ostracize the teen. But courage was just one of the many bonds Michael and Ryan  shared.

Ryan White was a hemophiliac who tragically contracted AIDS through a blood transfusion he received to medically manage his disease. Court documents filed in Chicago revealed that the National Hemophilia Foundation found out in the early 80’s that AIDS was a blood borne disease, and did nothing to pressure  the drug companies at the time to isolate the virus and eliminate it from the blood they used to manufacture clotting factor for hemophiliacs. The FDA was also aware of the etiology of AIDS, but according to the NYT, the FDA’s co-medical director, Louis Aledort,  “asked an advisory committee of the Federal Food and Drug Administration not to require drug firms to neutralize viruses in clotting products by using processes available at the time, the newspaper said. Mr. Aledort said it would make the medicine unaffordable…” Due to the ignoble actions of people like Louis Aledort, the drug companies followed the flawed recommendations of the FDA advisory committee, and chose to pursue profits over the lives of patients, and Ryan White along with many others wound up paying the price for it.

After being diagnosed with AIDS, Ryan White was ostracized and persecuted because of the general public’s ignorance and irrational fear of the disease, many of whom were only concerned about their own welfare. The community put Ryan and his family through hell when they learned he had contracted AIDS, yet the Whites  confronted this injustice with uncommon valor, earning the respect of the King of Pop, who helped them promote understanding of the disease among the public, which enhanced a collective capacity for compassion and acceptance. With the love and support of his family, and with Michael standing behind him, Ryan White was able to successfully transform the hatred directed towards him for having AIDS and turn it into a positive force for change in our society. Michael helped Ryan do that by carrying some of the burden for him and absorbing or deflecting some of society’s cruelest blows. It was a match ordained in heaven. A friendship forged by the divine hand of God for the benefit of mankind. And because of it, Ryan was able to transcend the limitations imposed upon him by society with the grace of God and the help of his family and friends, giving the once beleaguered teen a magnificent achievement in his short lifetime.

Michael set an important precedent by reaching out to Ryan at a critical juncture when the spread of AIDS was rapidly increasing throughout the population, alarming the public. Michael’s open embrace of Ryan and his family not only neutralized the stigma of AIDS, but demonstrated to the world a means by which to bridge racial barriers. These invaluable contributions of Michael Jackson are part of a legacy worthy of  being honored by a foolhardy Congress that has not yet done so.  Michael’s heroic efforts to aid Ryan White and his family provided crucial guidance for the public and helped instill in them the courage to face the AIDS epidemic with hope of someday curtailing it.

Michael Jackson took Ryan White under his wing and brought him to Neverland for some well deserved fun. Dr. Klein told Larry King that Michael wanted to take Ryan with him into his hot tub, but one of the pop superstar’s doctors advised him against it, warning the King of Pop he might contract AIDS himself if he did. After receiving assurances from Dr. Klein that this was not the case,  Michael and Ryan did some hot tubing together at Neverland.  This bold step by Michael must have given Ryan a serious confidence boost when he needed it most, since an open display of fearlessness by a high profile person was essential in helping the public overcome the stigma of AIDS. Michael risked his own health by taking to the hot tub with Ryan at a time of great uncertainty about the disease and high public anxiety. His actions went a long way towards changing collective attitudes of people towards the disease. Michael’s powerful show of solidarity with Ryan White and his family is worthy of the highest praise.

Ryan, your willingness to forgive and uplift those who persecuted you was a Christlike act of love for humanity and a gift only God can repay. You were truly an instrument of His courage, and Michael an instrument of His love. Together you forged a friendship that dispelled an atmosphere of fear, educated and informed, bridged barriers and fostered acceptance. May you ever be rewarded for it with eternal rest in the light of God’s divine grace.

Michael, your graciousness and compassion was a generous gift that brought Ryan some much deserved happiness in the face of great sorrow. May God bless you forever for it. Your selfless actions marked a milestone since they came at a crucial time during the  progression of this terrible disease. It helped change the public’s perception and understanding of AIDS and brought about greater acceptance of those suffering with it, earning you even greater name and fame worldwide. The artistry, joy and love you shared, the racial barriers you surpassed, the hope you inspired and the heartfelt compassion and countless acts of kindness you offered to others are brilliant facets of your treasured  legacy to which we will always aspire. You are truly a radiant soul, whose spirit reflects the light of truth that will  lead all who see it toward enlightenment. Thank you Michael, and as Stevie Wonder said In Memoriam, we can’t help but love you forever. You were one of the most illuminated souls the world has even known.

They are together now, Michael and Ryan, strolling the celestial corridors of heaven. God be with them.

Love Always,


© aura@mysticalmaven.com

RYAN WHITE ~ a song about the teenage symbol of Justice by Michael Jackson

Ryan White’s mother recalls time with Jackson . Chicago Tribune article at LINK


3 thoughts on “Dr. Arnie Klein reminds us of Michael Jackson’s true legacy of compassion on July 9th episode of Larry King Live

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    Karen said:
    July 31, 2009 at 2:13 am

    That is sooo sad I just saw the Ryan White Story and it was very strong and powerful and moving. i wish i knew him. And can you please reply this question PLEASE!!!! They said he had 6 months to live but he actually had 6 years to live. that’s what i don’t get? The movie also creeped me out too cause he had AIDS and it mad me feel bad and scared that could happen to me. I had forgot about it but i was watching Michael Jackson 30th anniversary and they were singing Heal the World and it showed a picture of Ryan and Michael Jackson smiling, laughing, and talking and i wanted to see the footage and i googled pictures of the both of them. So sorry i wasted you’re time so bye and PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION. RIP RYAN WHITE AND MICHAEL JACKSON. THE GREATEST PEOPLE WHO HAVE EVER WALKED THIS EARTH AND DESERVED BETTER AND TO LIVE LONGER.

    admin said:
    July 31, 2009 at 2:28 am

    Hi Karen, Ryan White was in the first wave of patients in this country diagnosed with AIDS and there were very few effective treatments at that time. And Ryan had full blown AIDS, that is why he was diagnosed with just 6 months to live at that time. AIDS was extremely deadly then, and the disease itself was little understood. Michael Jackson and Elton John helped Ryan get the best care available at the time and befriended the brave, beleaguered boy. Ryan was truly an amazing human being that I wish to God was still with us. He deserved to live and so did Michael. They both endured a lot of suffering in their lives from the diseases they contracted and from public scorn heaped upon them because of their little understood conditions. Now the treatments for AIDS are much more effective. There is a drug cocktail that keeps the virus load from overwhelming the immune system, which has allowed AIDS suffers like Magic Johnson (who spoke at MJ’s memorial), who acquired AIDS at least 20 years ago to live long meaningful lives. If you are afraid of getting AIDS, simply use protection when you have sex unless you are in a monogamous relationship with a person who has tested HIV negative. Try not to be afraid. Just pray and ask God for guidance and protection. And also pray for Ryan and Michael. They were two of the most extraordinary human beings this world has ever seen. God love them both. And God bless you too Karen for you compassionate heart.

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