Security cowards scared out of their wits by box of teabags tossed over White House fence

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aura writes; Nitwit police and security officials, operating under orders of their taskmasters in corporate government collectively pissed their pants, kicked Tea Party protesters out of Lafayette Park, and locked journalists (aka msm whores) into the press briefing room, after a box of tea was tossed onto the North Lawn of the White House. Cowardly cops and secuirty officials then ran around wringing their hands,  summoning a robot to “examine” the box of tea bags as they cowered in the corner like cowards. When a harmless box of tea is almost enough to raise the Colorcoded Threat Level System to code red, its time to change the words in the Star Spangled Banned from the home of the brave, to the home of the depraved.


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