The face of Shiva in the form of Amma

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amma010, originally uploaded by Adorations to Amma.

This picture is of a yogini whose presence among us in the world today is the only thing coming between myself and the nearest cliff. Her love makes life worth living in this world of ego and corruption, where compassion is all but extinct. We have no choice but to face our karma, because once energy is created in the form of our existence it can never be destroyed, even by death. So we are in fact stuck with ourselves for all time. God is to blame for this chaotic mess and as we speak many new worlds are inevitably being created by Him in some far flung realm of space. God, Tiger Woods and Jesse James have a lot in common. They never stop fucking. God needs to put on a giant condom, but he hasn’t created one big enough to fit Him yet, but he should considering His creation is spiraling out of control. His maths rule us all, and I’m not so thrilled with how its all adding up. God – if I was enlightened I could realize your presence all the time. However, I am not enlightened and therefore could you please change this world for the better so peace will prevail? Do it for Mother Earth – she’s suffered enough and could use a hand.


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