Sandra Bullock – Eyes wide shut

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aura writes – What was she thinking? When I heard Sandra Bullock married Jesse James way back in the day, I remember thinking, “Say what?” Why did she think this guy, who seems to be hopelessy addicted to porn and violence, was capable of change and worth five minutes of her time? I guess Sandra didn’t read the National Enquirers’ story on Jesse James that ran about ten years ago, when interviewed a female victim of his violent tendencies towards women. I wonder how many STD’s Sandra has to now add to her trophy case? Sandy is the prime example of someone who can’t be woken up because she’s only pretending to be sleeping. Sandy – you will have to work really hard to remove Jesse James’ unclean vibrations from your aura. Purify yourself stat, because the cleanliness of our aura is what determines the plane of review we will exist on (outside of time) after we discard our mortal coil. Pray fervently for God to help you find a divine washing machine in the form of a Guru here on Earth to help you remove Jesse James’ negative energy from your field. I strongly recommend you embark on an ongoing purification process at once because you DON’T want to follow Jesse where he’s going in the afterlife. It will be hot there and ignite an ungodly and unquenchable thirst in the form of inexhaustible desire that can never be assuaged. Good luck with that.


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