Wild Well Control’s first containment box almost ready

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aura writes; Good morning folks. The greedy f**ks at BP, whose executives should be jailed and whose company should be shut down in the United States, are close to employing Plan Z in arresting the oil gusher they caused in the Gulf of Mexico. The bums at BP are planning to deploy a concrete and steel box over the main gusher on the floor of the Gulf 5000 feet below the surface. In a “crude” attempt to correct this major f*ck up, they plan to collect the oil in the containment dome and bring it to surface via a pipe system. The oil will be pumped from the pipes into a waiting flotilla of supertankers, which will have to race to shore, store the seawater contaminated crude oil somewhere, then race back out to sea to keep collecting the oil from the containment system for the next three months. Plan Z at its finest, brought to you from the f**ks at BP. The pressure driving the oil up from the lithosphere could be in excess of 10,000 psi, which is way too high for any equipment devised by engineers to contain. Way to go BP! You guys get the Cosmic FAIL of the EPOCH award.

As if that news weren’t bad enough, the dispersant the greedy f**ks from BP are spraying into the spill at 5000 feet is killing sea life in droves. This ecologic mess of epic proportions is almost to much for the human heart to bear. It makes one nostalgic for Katrina. Steel your hearts folks – this ecological disaster is only going to get worse (thanks to the f**ks at BP) and the crappy, crass island kingdom they come from.


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