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aura writes; In an EPIC FAIL of catastrophic proportions, the supposed “best minds” in the engineering biz on BP’s payroll can’t perform simple calculations based on the law of partial pressures to determine the size of a containment dome needed to trap the gases and crude oil escaping from a ruptured pipe on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico. Not only are Americans being evicted from their homes in droves, but apparently animals are now too, thanks to BP.

Before the inane criminals at BP lowered their pipe dream of a containment dome down 5000 feet, their engineering team didn’t bother doing their homework, so as you can see, its business as usual at BP. I guess they have no chemists on staff, only engineers with their heads up their asses who have no idea about the pressure changes of compressed gases, partial pressures of gases, and the role temperature plays in the stability of gases escaping from areas of high to low pressure. As soon as the kooks at BP got the containment chamber lowered into place, each mole of methane gas escaping from the oil leak began getting trapped by 5.7 moles (6.02 x E23) of water molecules and ice crystals hydrates were rapidly formed due to the cold temperatures on the sea floor. These methane hydrates are also known as “ice fire” because it ignites if you put a match to it. In BP’s latest EPIC Fail, their engineering flunkies apparently didn’t do density equations either, because they failed to take into account the basic fact that ice floats on water because its lighter, so they didn’t make the containment chamber big enough to allow the 2300 psi of ocean pressure down there to keep it in place. So the methane hydrate ice crystals not only clogged the containment dome instantly, the containment dome also started floating away from the leaking pipe due to buoyancy in a manner that could have damaged the pipe further by tugging at it, and maybe did, but since BP pathologically lies, we’ll never know for sure what is really going on down there. Way to go BP. You guys suck so bad that if the US government wasn’t so corrupt, you’d all be in jail. But don’t worry folks, I’m sure in 200 to 300 years or so, nature will clean up BP’s mess.


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