Let them eat cake moment at hand – Matt Simmons mysteriously dies after exposing BP’s lies

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aura writes: The riser pipe that sunk ten miles from the ruptured well bore took almost ninety days to empty it  remaining contents of crude oil and methane crystal hydrates before it was capped by BP, which claimed falsely that the rise pipe was the primary source of the leak. According to the late Matt Simmons, the primarily source of the leak was never the riser pipe, but actually the open well bore ten miles away, which has been spewing for ninety days and continues to spew 120.000 gallons of poisonous crude oil and methane gas.  BP was able to trick the public because when the well exploded, a courageous rig operator sacrificed his life to move the rig 1600 feet away from the  erupting well so that 160 rig workers could jump off to save themselves. The late Matt Simmons says the explosion “set the water on fire.” The rig and riser eventually sunk 10 miles from the well bore. The BOP and well casing were destroyed when the well exploded. According to the late Matt Simmons, the well bore is open and dumping 120,000 million gallons of poisonous crude oil and methane gas into the Gulf each day. He claimed the relief wells would not stem the leak of 120,000 gallons of poisonous crude and methane in the Gulf because there is well casing in place. The cement would simply escape through the rock formations if there is no well casing.

The late Matt Simmons called the open hole on the floor of the Gulf that is spewing massive amounts of poisonous crude and methane gas into the sea a threat to the entire planet, and based his claims on information from insiders. Simmons called the truth about the Gulf oil gusher that BP is hiding the biggest cover up EVER.  In the event of a hurricane, poisonous crude oil and methane, which is now killing Gulf’s wide life in droves, will be churned up from the 120 mile tar lake on the seafloor and release methane gas will be released into the atmosphere. Here’s the really bad part. The methane gas churned up could kill anyone that inhales it within 20 seconds before you even have a chance to put on a gas mask since its odorless. The poisonous crude oil and methane hydrates now on the seafloor is in the form of tar and crystal hydrate because of the low temperatures.  The highest toxic dispersant Coexit 9500 poisoning the Gulf and killing off massive amounts of sea life. This is also being covered up by BP.  If a hurricane does hit the Gulf States and churns up the poisonous lake of tar and methane hydrates, it could potentially kill millions of Gulf residents. The American people may then finally rise up and take their government back, perhaps violently. The U.S. is close to reaching it own special, “Let them eat cake” moment.

Matt Simmons – They are Still Lying About Oil Disaster (1-3)

King world interview with Matt Simmons before he got whacked for exposing BP


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