Aaron Russo, In Memoriam





February 14th, 1943 – August 24th 2007

Echoing what you say, shouting out what you do, I will sing forever, sing for you…

Boston Globe Obituary via AP

“Liberation does not come searching for you. You must make the effort to seek it.” (Sutra 117)

aura writes; The tragic news of Aaron Russo’s untimely passing this past Friday is heartbreaking for myself and many others. It filled my mind with futility and sorrow and left me with an emptiness too deep to be filled by tears. Even though I feared Aaron might die sooner rather than later because of his failing health, it was rumored that he’d be in New York City for the ‘We Are Change’ 9-11 events, which revived my hopes that he would somehow beat the odds and pull through. But alas, it was not to be.

There is no way to brace yourself for the passing of a man as politically savvy and artistically astute as Aaron Russo. He was awesome. He is irreplacable and his loss is nothing short of profound. Aaron’s death is especially diffuclt for the many thousands of people that didn’t know him personally, but felt like they did. Those he molded with his pragmatic and innovative thoughts and ideas, and who continued to cling to the hope that they could look to him in the future for crucial leadership. Their hearts are heavy and their heads are bowed tonight in rememberance of their hero – Aaron Russo. Aaron transformed their way of thinking with his powerful message and they admired him immensely for it. His influence will undoubtedly continue to resonate in their lives for years to come, and serve as a beacon leading them along the path of liberty where they’ll guide others.

Aaron revealed the truth about the shadowy forces pulling the strings behind the scenes in our corrupt government in his movie, America: Freedom to Fascism, and through a series of wide ranging interviews. Even while presenting his audience with the cold hard facts about our government, Aaron was able to uplift and empower them at the same time, while challenging them to confront forces hostile to their rights with firm resolve and unflinching courage.

Aaron Russo was founding father material. Staunch patriotism fueled his passionate drive to defend our liberties and to champion our endangered Republic. His love for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights led him to throw his full support behind Ron Paul’s candidacy for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination. Aaron’s credibility and stature with other patriots gave Ron Paul’s campaigin the intial impetus it needed to gain momentum nationally, helping propel it to new heights. The enthusiasm that has greeted Ron Paul’s spectacular run for the presidency can be partially attributed to Aaron Russo’s wholehearted endorsement, and will live on in my mind as part of Aaron’s invaluable legacy.

Aaron Russo was gracious and kind, extremely lovable, good humored and selflessly offered his dynamic creativity to secure absolute freedom for us all. His impeccable sense of timing and unique insight into the public’s collective unconscious allowed him to re-frame historic principals and reinsert them into the public debate, where they served to enlighten a new generation and awaken a complacent society. Aaron’s presence among us was a privilege that many enjoyed, celebrated and highly valued. Letting go of Aaron will not be easy, but his liberating spirit will live on in many of us for the rest of our lives. The energy he liberated in our hearts is a gift as precious as gold to be treasured, and spread to others like a sublime fragrance.

Though Aaron surrendered his physical form and transitioned completely over to the formless spiritual realm, our love and prayers will reach him there and keep him safe as he journeys through the mysterious veils of existence.

Aaron, I love you. Thank you for the many gifts you gave us and for staying true. We’ll keep you close in our hearts, where our love and respect for your precious memory will only grow, never to fade away. With gratitude, I offer you this song in parting.

Farewell great soul. Be free…





On AARON RUSSO’s passing





Is this burning an Eternal Flame…

…the goal of a human birth, the goal of all life is to merge into the Absolute, to attain liberation

aura writes: Aaron, we love you…we miss you…we mourn you. You were and always will be the spark of inspiration igniting the fire in our souls to win back our liberties and to carry on the fight to once again set ourselves and others free. Not a day will go by when you won’t be remembered with the highest most exalted love our hearts can offer. We appreciate the tremendous efforts you made to stay with us a while longer…we can’t thank you enough for all the pain and suffering you endured to try to make that happen…and you should know in passing that we love you all the more for it. We wish to God things would’ve turned out differently, but alas, they did not. The Lord cruelly took you away from us and left our hearts overflowing with sadness. Perhaps God was merciful to spare you any further exposure to this scene of earthly madness.

Go now with God and don’t worry or look back on our earthly woes…the stars are calling you home to rest in higher realms of utter tranquility. We will carry on the fight for liberty in your spirit and heroic name for the rest of our lives. We owe it to you, our founding fathers, to God and ourselves. This we vow.

One day we’ll be able to look back and remember you with contentment and feelings of renewed confidence…but first we must mourn and get beyond the tears and attachment we have to your physical form and the dynamic impact you had on this world during your unique and extraordinary incarnation. One day our sadness will abate and grudgingly give way to sober resignation with the realization that there’s no going back to the speical way it once was…a gift lost in space and time, kept alive and burning in the hub of our hearts and the inner recesses of our mind in treasured memories.

Godspeed on your transition through the mult-dimensional realms of the afterlife, oh great soul. Our love will always be there for you.




Heaven Embraces the Well Lived Life of an American Hero
The Latest RTR News – Latest News
Written by Ilona Urban Blakeley
Monday, 27 August 2007

Reports from around the Country described the opening of the heavens with torrential downpours, and blustering winds approximately the same time as the reported passing into Heaven of Patriot-Warrior, Truth Teller, Father, and Husband, Aaron Russo .

While his earthly voice was silenced, his legacy is not. He leaves a huge footprint for generations to come. The Art of film making was his talent. Presenting ideas with clarity was his gift. Perceiving the appropriate goal and pursuing it was his inspiration.

While he dreamed about making more films, living in the country, gardening organically, and raising dogs; he also acknowledged he was ready for whatever God had in mind for him.

We weren’t ready for what God had in mind for him. We felt we knew better than God. After all, how could such a brilliant mind, such a relevant life be more useful to God in Heaven than to us here on Earth?…Not for us to say.

Aaron believed “times would get tough” here in the U.S. In the moments that he was trying to understand the fate which was apparently befalling him, he’d say, “Maybe God is protecting me from the bad things to come.” And then sigh.

Numerous internet sites describe his many awards and accomplishments. They are all very impressive. I want to remember him for who he was. He was totally amazing. He had such gusto for life. He wanted to know everything—his finger was always on the pulse of global and National news as well as global and National Markets. He lived to experience as much as he could. But, he also understood shallow distractions which would have us turn away from important things like the erosion of our Rights, Freedoms, and Privacy. Deliberate and fearless in everything he undertook.

However, Aaron was not all fire. There was the sensitive, but well guarded side as well. One time I discerned his tough modus operandi in a situation. When I shared that it seemed he was only blustering because he felt vulnerable, he was silenced for a moment and said, “That’s true. Now, don’t tell anyone.”

Unimpressed by his own celebrity, he couldn’t understand why people seemed to “treat him special”. Frequently, he commented about it. Wasn’t it nice that he availed himself to us? How many times were we surprised by his invitation on a Conference Call, for someone to call him or send an email? And then he’d freely give his email address out on the public Conference Call! He trusted the People to not abuse this information. And we respected him for it.

What an inspiration! Thank God for the life of Aaron Russo ! He was only here a short time, too short for his family, too short for those of us who loved and appreciated him. But what a great Blessing his life was to us.

Many heartfelt thanks to Heidi, Max and Sam, for sharing him with us. No one knew Aaron’s time would be so short. God Bless them for sharing.

I miss you, Aaron. And God speed.


Our Friend and Hero, Aaron Russo Has Passed
The Latest RTR News – Latest News
Written by Gary Franchi
Monday, 27 August 2007

Esteemed filmmaker, ardent activist and loyal patriot Aaron Russo lost his battle to cancer on August 24, 2007 at the age of 64.

Aaron will be profoundly missed but always remembered. He was a husband, father, friend, mentor, and inspiration to many.

Aaron’s long list of achievements includes his work in the areas of filmmaking and political activism. His documentary film, “America: From Freedom to Fascism”, debunked the justification of both the IRS and the Federal Reserve as well as exposed their crooked basis. This movie received widespread acclaim, including opening to standing ovations at the Cannes Film Festival. Congressman Ron Paul was also featured in the documentary, in which he presents his views on the economy and the Federal Reserve. The film can be viewed at: http://www.freedomtofascism.com.

Aaron’s work in the realm of activism proved to be invaluable and selfless. He will be perpetually revered as a true patriot and tireless fighter for our freedom. We must continue to venerate Aaron’s legacy as we move forward by honoring his great words:

“There are no boundaries one must adhere to when preserving one’s liberty”.

Aaron’s family has asked that all cards and support via US Post be sent to:

All Your Freedoms, Inc.
P.O. Box #1213
264 South La Cienega Blvd.
Beverly Hills, California 90211



One thought on “Aaron Russo, In Memoriam

    Conal Foley said:
    March 21, 2010 at 6:26 pm

    Have been showing Freedom-to-Fascism on our local Community Cable Access in Winthrop, Mass. in 1/2 hour segments. Pass the word – this is the way to get Aaron’s message to the people. Do you have any similar dvds?
    Thanks again Heidi

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