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Ecological Apocalypse: Why Are All The Bees Dying?

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Ecological Apocalypse: Why Are All The Bees Dying?
GM, toxic chemicals, chemtrails destroying eco-system, threatening very survival of humanity

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The alarming decline in bee populations across the United States and Europe represents a potential ecological apocalypse, an environmental catastrophe that could collapse the food chain and wipe out humanity. Who and what is behind this flagrant abuse of the eco-system?

Many people don’t realize the vital role bees play in maintaining a balanced eco-system. According to experts, if bees were to become extinct then humanity would perish after just four years.

“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man,” said Albert Einstein.

Others would say four years is alarmist and that man would find other food sources, but the fact remains that the disappearance of bees is potentially devastating to agriculture and most plant life.

Reports that bee populations are declining at rates of up to 80% in areas of the U.S. and Europe should set alarm bells ringing and demand immediate action on behalf of environmental organizations. Experts are calling the worrying trend “colony collapse disorder” or CCD.

“Bee numbers on parts of the east coast and in Texas have fallen by more than 70 percent, while California has seen colonies drop by 30 to 60 percent,” reports AFP.

“Approximately 40 percent of my 2,000 colonies are currently dead and this is the greatest winter colony mortality I have ever experienced in my 30 years of beekeeping,” apiarist Gene Brandi, from the California State Beekeepers Association, told Congress recently.

The article states that U.S. bee colonies have been dropping since 1980 and the number of beekeepers have halved.

Scientists are thus far stumped as to what is causing the decline, ruling out parasites but leaning towards some kind of new toxin or chemical used in agriculture as being responsible. “Experts believe that the large-scale use of genetically modified plants in the US could be a factor,” reports Germany’s Spiegal Online.

Bee populations throughout Germany have simultaneously dropped 25% and up to 80% in some areas. Poland, Switzerland and Spain are reporting similar declines. Studies have shown that bees are not dying in the hive, something is causing them to lose their sense of orientation so that they cannot return to the hive. Depleted hives are not being raided for their honey by other insects, which normally happens when bees naturally die in the winter, clearly suggesting some kind of poisonous toxin is driving them away.

“In many cases, scientists have found evidence of almost all known bee viruses in the few surviving bees found in the hives after most have disappeared. Some had five or six infections at the same time and were infested with fungi — a sign, experts say, that the insects’ immune system may have collapsed.”

A study at the University of Jena from 2001 to 2004 showed that toxins from a genetically modified maize variant designed to repel insects, when combined with a parasite, resulted in a “significantly stronger decline in the number of bees” than normal.

“According to Hans-Hinrich Kaatz, a professor at the University of Halle in eastern Germany and the director of the study, the bacterial toxin in the genetically modified corn may have “altered the surface of the bee’s intestines, sufficiently weakening the bees to allow the parasites to gain entry — or perhaps it was the other way around. We don’t know.”

Kaatz was desperate to continue his studies but funding was cut off.

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While we are lectured by government to change our lifestyle and cough up more taxes for the supposed peril of man-made global warming, an environmental catastrophe that could eliminate the human race in the figurative blink of an eye is looming.

Why are major environmental groups and lobbyists ignoring this mammoth threat to our very existence? Where is Greenpeace?

The hyperbole surrounding man-made global warming is swallowing up all the attention while real dangers like the rapid die-off of bee populations and its link to GM food is largely shunned by governments and activist foundations.

Is it a stretch to hypothesize that government mandated spraying of crops with deadly chemicals as well as toxic substances contained in chemtrails could be part of a deliberate program to eliminate the bee population? Or is this just another example of big business flagrantly abusing the eco-system in order to drive up profits?

The elite have publicly stated their desire to significantly reduce world population on numerous occasions. Just yesterday we featured a story about a British Government Ministry of Defence report that postulated on the future use of bio-weapons to thin the human population in under 30 years.

Making bees all but extinct would be a swift and plausibly deniable method of enacting global population reduction long dreamed of by the maniacal sociopaths that control the world.

Either way, this issue represents an overwhelming threat to the food chain and an environmental crime of the highest order, for which the perpetrators need to be brought up on charges of accessories to genocide, should a deliberate effort to endanger the food chain be proven, and the chemicals responsible immediately banned.

Please circulate this article to environmental groups and demand they investigate who and what is killing our bees!

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ZioNazis Destroying Bethlehem

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Published on Saturday, December 30, 2006 by the San Diego Union Tribune (California)
Not The Bethlehem Of Our Thoughts by Leila Sansour

Christmas in Bethlehem this year was the most difficult in memory. This reality probably wouldn’t surprise most Americans who have a general sense of Middle East conflict. However, a survey we commissioned reveals that Americans are ignorant of many other basic facts about Bethlehem. Most Americans cannot identify our town’s location, its inhabitants, or the cause of Bethlehem’s demise according to most of its residents, Israeli military occupation.

Most Americans believe Bethlehem is an Israeli town inhabited by a mixture of Jews and Muslims, according to a nationwide survey by top U.S. pollsters Zogby International. Largely unaware of Bethlehem’s historic community of Palestinian Christians, only 15 percent of Americans realize that Bethlehem is a Palestinian city with a mixed Christian-Muslim community, lying in the occupied West Bank. (continue reading at Link

aura writes: I hope all of you Christian Zionists are proud of yourselves for supporting the demonic state of Israel, despite mounting evidence that it is the manifestation of the anti Christ. Now that Israel is poised to nuke Iran, how long will you be able to justify to yourselves that the Israelis share your “Christian” values? I’ve got news for all of you Zionist Christians – Israel HAS NO VALUES! Why do you think Christ rebuked the cheif rabbis to begin with?

Have any of you Christians supporting Israel ever bothered to read the Talmud, the book all rabbis study, which decrees that Jesus is in hell, being boiled in feces, because he opposed the rabbis? That little ditty can be found in the “holy book” of Judaism in Tractate Gittin 57a. You better have a barf bag handy while investigating the crude rantings of the Talmud. Just dust off the one you use while watching the debased programs of prime time TV or the latest Hollywood release.

So Christ should be boiled in excrement, eh? No wonder some refer to these sinners as being of the Synagogue of Satan!

How long will you Zionist Christians stand by and watch these Judeo Bolsheviks (that founded the unlawful state of Israel) murder Palestians and Christians (50 million in Russia during the Revolution) to acheive their sick marxists goals? All Christians who have turned their backs on Jesus’ teachings by supporting the Israeli genocide in the Middle East will have to answer to God. Repent NOW by withdrawing your support for the demonic terrorist state of Israel and begin asking our Lord to dismantle that insanely evil state at once. The sins that unholy nation is visiting upon the world are creating war, terror and constant chaos, and shall not go unpunished. Divine retribution will be meted out to Israel, its inhabitants, and all those who support the Israeli state, which continues holocausting Palestinians and any Christians that get in their way. May the founders of Israel, its leaders and its people, as well as any counrty or person that supports its unspeakable crimes against humanity be punished by God.

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