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Obama to play the NEW Joker?

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Bibi calls out self hating Jews in epic throwdown with Obama Administration

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aura writes; Bibi’s has had it with Obama and his crowd of self hating Jews that just won’t quit when it comes to not following his marching orders to the letter. He’s so disgusted and lost for words that he has been forced to call out high ranking fellow Jews in the Obama Administration – David Axlerod and Rahm Emanuel – by labeling them self hating Jews (tsk, tsk) since he can’t call them anti Semites since they’re already Jews. What a conundrum for Bibi. Apparently corrupt toadies Axelrod and Emanuel aren’t corrupt enough for Bibi, especially when it comes to putting Israel’s interests before America’s and that has left Bibi more steamed than a New England lobster at a seaside restaurant. Suffice it to say he is not a happy camper with the Reverend Wright mentored Barack Obama and his self hating Jew corrupt toadies senior aides. Anybody could see it coming, but now the time has finally arrived for Bibi and Barack’s epic throwdown. It remains to be seen which one comes out on top, either Bibi the fire breather or Obama the pinnochio prez.

excerpt from Haaratz on Bibi’s paranoid breakdown; Netanyahu appears to be suffering from confusion and paranoia. He is convinced that the media are after him, that his aides are leaking information against him and that the American administration wants him out of office. Two months after his visit to Washington, he is still finding it difficult to communication normally with the White House. To appreciate the depth of his paranoia, it is enough to hear how he refers to Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod, Obama’s senior aides: as “self-hating Jews.”

“He thought that his speech at Bar-Ilan would become mandatory reading at schools in the United States, and when he realized that Obama gave no such order, he went back to being frustrated,” one of his associates said.

At a recent meeting with with Netanyahu, ostensibly about the understandings with the U.S. on the settlements, former prime minister Ehud Olmert was shocked to see the prime minister focusing mainly on the media. “Is this what he called me in for?” a source close to Olmert quoted him as saying. To read more about the media obsessed fire breathing Bibi and his bad self go HERE

Obama sets stage for second American Revolution in Fresno, California by starving bread basket of world of water. Puts 80,000 farmers out of work

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aura writes; Fresno on the brink of exploding into all out world with Obama administration, homeland security and their criminal banking controllers. Obama has turned off the pumps to the bread basket of the world in central California and the place is on the brink of exploding. Homeland security is in the area ready to rumble with local farmers on behalf of crooked bankers trying to steal the land and livelihoods of Americans. It appears the first shots of the second American revolution will be fired in California. Time to throwdown with the crooks in DC before they starve us all to death or try to kill us with poison Chinese food.