Amy Goodman of Democracy Now interviews Cynthia McKinney, just back in U S after being abducted, jailed and deported by Israel

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aura writes; Zionist puppet Obama and members of his self hating Jew cabinet didn’t utter a peep of protest to the Isra-HELLis for abducting, jailing and deporting an American citizen. That’s just business as usual in the Zionist Occupied States of America.
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Max Keiser on Obama, the invisible p(R)esident

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The shameless mayor of LA should stop embarassing the State by begging for money to pay for the late Great King of Pop’s memorial

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aura writes; Michael Jackson was not only the most famous entertainer in the world, the only personage more famous than him on the planet was God himself. That might be why the coverage of Michael Jackson’s life is so over the top. He was a totally interesting figure to over a billion fans around the world and in many ways so private that the masses are fascinated now that the mysterious details surrounding his life are starting to unravel. I know I am and will continue to be for as long as I live. Although I am deeply saddened by the passing of the Legend of Legends, celebrating the late GREAT Michael Jackson’s life, and focusing on such a loving personage, is a welcome relief to the Iran coverage and all the fear mongering and hyper scandal that is constantly being churned out by all manner of media platforms. The predominant feeling much of the world has for Jackson is love, which gives a unique angle to much of the coverage about his death that most every other media story lacks. Are you aware that the passing of Michael Jackson has been the #1 story in India and many other countries since he died? In fact when I traveled to India, some of the people there would eagerly ask me about the King of Pop with reverence whenever they found out I was an American.

The tragic story of Michael Jackson’s death knocked the coverage of so called election fraud in Iran and the alleged demonstrations that followed right off the front page of many internet news sites, cable news channels and newspapers, which was a blessing in itself. I don’t give a rats ass about the Iran elections. God might have also been tired of hearing about it too, and may have called MJ home to put a stop to it.

The Iran story itself was nothing more than a manufactured news event designed to drum up public support in America for yet  ANOTHER war against Iran and to water down media coverage of the blow up of everyone’s 401K retirement accounts, which were robbed by the crooks of Goldman Sachs (and other now defunct investment banks) and the federal reserve, who have taken over the American government and now run their criminal worldwide ponzi scheme out of the treasury department in Washington, DC itself. I would rather keep hearing about the life and legacy of the late GREAT King of Pop than about all the money the criminal banksters of the federal reserve bank, who now control our federal government, are getting away with stealing right under our noses. If they were being jailed en masse, it would be a story worth watching. But that is not happening and since our p(R)esident and Congress are owned by the bankers of the federal reserve, I doubt it ever will. Since I find the subject of the government banking coup and encroaching police state seriously depressing, and with no institution in our country willing or courageous enough to arrest the criminals responsible for stealing everyone’s money at the federal reserve (not to mention hijacking the American government), I’d rather focus on MJ for the indefinite future. At least he earned his money honestly and wasn’t a crook like fed chairman Helicopter Ben Bernake.

The MJ tragedy is also a better distraction than hearing about all the criminal laws now being debated by Congress, whose sole duty these days seems to be repping banking industry crooks and other corporate lobbyists. It would be nice to see coverage of how the foreign bankers of the criminal federal reserve (and other corporate lobbyists) were able to take over America without a fight and convert it into a corporate fascist police state from a Republic, but since the same corporate crooks that took over America own the the press and mainstream media, that’s not likely to happen. And I am so over hearing about Iraq. I never supported or approved of that war or the wars now being waged by Obama, the Pinocchio prez, in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Those manufactured conflicts are as big a downer as hearing reports about Obama day in and day out that cover his constant policy reversals and outright lies that go unchallenged by the lapdog corporate controlled press. Kim Jong Il is also not my cup of tea either, nor are Al Gore’s journalists that got themselves arrested in North Korea, perhaps for spying for all we know. My top concern is the hijacking of the American government and treasury by criminal federal reserve bankers and their bought and paid for lackeys than any nuclear bomb Iran might be developing sometime over the next hundred years. Shouldn’t the military be more concerned about the banking coup that usurped democracy in America than the mullahs in Iran? It would be nice if they started making some high level arrests and recouping some of our money.

The steady media drone towards war with Iran and pushing the police state is a real drag that brings me down, which it is designed to do. The late GREAT Benjamin Franklin once said (back in the day when true patriots had brains and balls) that we will either all hang together as Americans or all hang separately. Since the divide and conquer strategy used by the criminal foreign bankers of the federal reserve to take control of America appears to be going challenged by the military and gun owners, nooses may soon be around the necks of individual Americans instead of us banding together collectively and using them to hang the crooked foreign bankers of the federal reserve that stole all of our money (not to mention our country). Its not America anymore. For this reason, covering the life and legacy of the late GREAT entertainer and humanitarian, Michael Jackson, is a welcome exploration of an inspired life of love. Although MJ had his flaws, which led to his untimely death from drug use, I could watch him dance all day on YouTube and never get bored. Ecstasy unfolds as he executes his flawless dance steps that  excite, inspire, create joy and give hope to tens of millions of his fans, and makes them believe that they too can attain perfection in reaching their own potential if they too focus with the same intensity on one of their God given gifts.

As far as the cost of the late GREAT King of Pop’s funeral being picked up by the taxpayers of the state of California, I have no problem with it. Michael Jackson undoubtedly paid out much more in taxes to the state of California (and the federal government) during his long and successful career to more than cover for the cost of security at his LA memorial. Its not Michael Jackson’s fault that the state of California chose to squander his tax dollars wastefully, for instance by launching a multi-million dollar four month child molestation trial (based on bogus evidence from a British documentary) against Michael Jackson, during which he was fully exonerated. In fact, it is the least the people of California can do to make up for putting such a revered citizen of their state, the country and the world through such an ordeal. Especially after the way they persecuted Michael Jackson, carrying out an unwarranted search and seizure inside his home at the Neverland ranch that so violated his privacy, he never wished to return there. Then adding insult to injury, the misguided county of Santa Barbara put the King of Pop on trial on unwarranted child molestation charges in a hyper publicized kangaroo court, with complete and utter disregard for his revered worldwide status and the honorable way in which he represented the state of California and the United States to world, spreading nothing but joy and good will wherever he went (unlike Bush, who sowed the seeds of hatred). For this reason, it is just plain tacky for the mayor of LA to get out his begging bowl to solicit  donations, especially since his state is the seventh richest economy in the world. Maybe if the people of California weren’t busy footing the bill for free health care, bi-lingual education and other numerous welfare services for their illegal alien population (that’s been steadily streaming in from across the Mexican border for the past four decades), they wouldn’t be in such deep debt, on the brink of bankruptcy and forced to beg like skid row dwellers. It was Michael Jackson’s tax dollars that helped pay for the escalating costs of illegal immigration for decades, which is what put the state of California in the red to the tune of billions of dollars in the first place, therefore the mayor of LA has no business asking Michael Jackson’s fans to pony up the money for the King of Pop’s Staples Center memorial, which was a worldwide event that he rightfully deserved, earned (and paid for) with his tax dollars. The disgraceful married mess of a mayor of LA obviously has no shame, that’s why he got caught in a serious conflict of interest with his pants down bedding a local news reporter.

The late GREAT King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was one of the greatest talents America ever offered up to the world and therefore he deserves great respect and admiration (and love). The outstanding way he represented this country will continue through his legacy, creating an endless source of joy for his worldwide fans. It will also bring a windfall of fiat capital to the bankrupt state of California if they have the privilege of providing a site for his burial place in their bankrupt state. The money generated by tourism to the late GREAT King of Pop’s final resting place will be enormous, as tens of millions of fans converge on it from around the world to memorialize the late GREAT King of Pop and offer prayers for him and for the world there – a spot they will undoubtedly consider sacred.

I hope the Jackson clan decides to bury the late GREAT beloved King of Pop and Legend of Legends in Indiana. Considering the way the state of California treated Michael Jackson during his lifetime, it doesn’t deserve the privilege of becoming his final resting place, or benefiting from the income and tax revenue that will generate for decades to come. Soon the state of California won’t even be able to afford the money required to operate their airports, so how will the fans that need to fly into the country to visit the King of Pop’s grave (exploding tourism in the area) be able to converge on corporate America to pay their respects to the late GREAT King of Pop? Perhaps California will rise again one day like the late GREAT King of Pop, Michael Jackson, but don’t count on it. The politicians of California may soon be begging the government of Mexico to take it over since it doesn’t seem capable of balancing a check book. What a sad state of affairs. Shame on California.

I’ll keep MJ’s fans posted on where his final resting place will be once that’s been determined. Hope this helps answer some of your questions. Sorry some people (like degraceful Representative Peter King – who has admitted openly in the past to fixing votes) – are annoyed about the continued MJ coverage. People that don’t like it can always turn off their TV’s, computers or radio (if you are sick of hearing about MJ) and read a book. Just a thought.

by aura1


Cynthia McKinney jailed by Zio-Nazis in Isra-hell

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Cynthia McKinney: I’m in jail in Israel
Ex-Ga. congresswoman detained after boat with Gaza supplies held

By Kent A. Miles
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Thursday, July 02, 2009

Former Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney revealed in a phone call posted online that she is in an Israeli prison with others who attempted to run a blockade to deliver supplies to Gaza.

McKinney and about 18 other activists in Israeli custody for the past three days will likely be released by Sunday, according to the Israeli embassy in Washington, D.C. Read entire article at LINK – AJC

Naked fliers and the hand of destiny

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aura writes; The bodies of some of the passengers of AF Flight 447 were found naked and 85 miles apart. This is to be expected since some fliers were sucked out of the plane after the rudder sheered off catastrophically mid flight, rupturing the fuselage, brutally depressurizing the main cabin and dooming the plane. The others passengers and crew were undoubtedly whipped around wildly by winds of up to 100 mph driven by four towering thunderstorms as they rode their crippled airliner to watery ruin. Not a pretty picture and not surprisingly, post mortems performed on some of the bodies found multiple fractures.

On a lighter note, a woman who missed the doomed flight (along with her husband) was killed shortly after landing in Europe two days later in a car crash in Austria. Her husband was seriously injured in the accident. This undeniably points to the hand of fate, as dictated by karma and which comes to fruition as certain stars align with each other. The only way to mitigate karma is through God’s grace. The husband of the woman killed must have performed some action that mitigated the horrible fate that awaited him on AF Flight 447 and when he cheated death yet again in the car accident.

God’s grace can be earned by supplicating the Lord and by performing charitable acts of love towards our fellow man. Think feeding the poor, caring for the sick and praying for our enemies. If you follow the 10 commandments and are proactive about it while remembering God and dedicating your actions to Him by fasting, praying and performing acts of charity and kindness each day, and follow a good example by living cleanly, He will take notice, you will undoubtedly please him and through His grace, which you must ask for, you can avert certain destinies that are the result of pleasant karmas that manifest due to the negative consequences of our past actions.

No one but God knows what karma awaits us, but perhaps the woman who died in the car crash had a merciful death due to God’s compassion. God may have known that a death plunge in an doomed airliner was too much for this her to bear and spared her such a violent end. To die in fear is traumatic for a transiting soul.

Be safe out there everybody, and remember to live by the teachings Jesus said way back in the day, love your neighbor as would yourself. May the departed souls of the passengers and crew of Flight AF 447 (and that of the female car crash victim) rest in peace. To read more about the deets, go to this Link

The irony of David Carradine’s death in sex trade capital of world

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aura writes; In honor of David Carradine’s death a la ladyboy in a wig and fishnets, I thought it would be apropos to post some info on just one type of deviant sexual behavior prevalent in Thailand. Thailand, the sex trade capital of the world, is famous for ladyboys and a popular destination for sex tourism for those wishing to purchase the sexcapade of their choice for the right amount of coin. That is what makes it such a popular destination for western men looking to get their kicks without being jailed. Sex with minors is big in Thailand, especially among wealthy European and American men that travel their to satisfy their otherwise illegal sexual appetites.

One sexual fetish that is a big draw in Thailand are Ladyboys. Some ladyboys look so much like women you can only tell them apart when their clothes come off and you see their dicks. Think the Crying Game. Rumor has it tight butt holes are a big draw for sexually deviant westerners seeking  minors (without the threat of having to don pinstripes) or petite ladyboys. It sounds like David Carradine may have gotten bitten by the Ladyboy bug himself, and it shockingly resulted in death by ladyboy ligature. Who’d a thunk?! The details surrounding David Carradine’s sudden and highly unusual demise has left many hungering more details. That is why I decided to link to a site that partially explains the phenomena of Thai ladyboys. Have at it!

Thai Ladyboys explained
Just what is a ladyboy? Thailand is famous for them, and any visitor to Thailand will at some stage during their trip, come across these unusual people who are half lady half boy. They work in spas and behind shop counters. Some hotels employ them as receptionists, others are found waitressing or managing in restaurants. And many are also found in the bar scene, prostituting themselves. Keep reading at LINK

Israelis hurl racist slurs at President Obama, threaten his life in Jerusalem

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(Warning: foul language, racism, and terrorist threats towards the president of the United States by citizens from the nation of Israel)

aura writes; but this is the man America elected to be president. And with American giving Israel $8 billion dollars a year in aid, is it really nice to call Obama a nigger, terrorist, watermelon eater and threaten his life? With friends like this, who needs enemies? Time to cut the purse strings to Israel, and let them fend for themselves. And time to clean all the Mossad spies out of Washington, DC since the hatred and contempt they feel toward Obama may materialize and become a reality.