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Hebron Jew, ‘Jesus Can Kiss My Ass’

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Jew in Hebron to British film crew: “We killed Jesus and we’re proud of it.”

Caution: This video contains foul language.

aura writes: Take Note Christian Zionists – This hateful bigot is a prime example of the religious extremist Jews killing, torturing and raping Palestinians and stealing their land. They are the real terrorists, not the Palestinians. They have hidden behind the cloak of the Holocaust to carry out their genocide of the Palestinians, when the truth of the matter is, they have been holocausting the Palestinians since 1948. They have broken their convenant with God by refusing to keep His commandments, and if you continue to support them and their terrorist state, you will ultimately be forced to share the blame for their sinful actions.

It is time to show some spiritual discrimination and loyalty to Christ and His teachings by renouncing support for these cruel Jewish extremists and spreading Jesus’ message of love, peace and charity towards all of God’s creatures.

Vengence is mine sayeth the Lord”.

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ZioNazis Destroying Bethlehem

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Published on Saturday, December 30, 2006 by the San Diego Union Tribune (California)
Not The Bethlehem Of Our Thoughts by Leila Sansour

Christmas in Bethlehem this year was the most difficult in memory. This reality probably wouldn’t surprise most Americans who have a general sense of Middle East conflict. However, a survey we commissioned reveals that Americans are ignorant of many other basic facts about Bethlehem. Most Americans cannot identify our town’s location, its inhabitants, or the cause of Bethlehem’s demise according to most of its residents, Israeli military occupation.

Most Americans believe Bethlehem is an Israeli town inhabited by a mixture of Jews and Muslims, according to a nationwide survey by top U.S. pollsters Zogby International. Largely unaware of Bethlehem’s historic community of Palestinian Christians, only 15 percent of Americans realize that Bethlehem is a Palestinian city with a mixed Christian-Muslim community, lying in the occupied West Bank. (continue reading at Link

aura writes: I hope all of you Christian Zionists are proud of yourselves for supporting the demonic state of Israel, despite mounting evidence that it is the manifestation of the anti Christ. Now that Israel is poised to nuke Iran, how long will you be able to justify to yourselves that the Israelis share your “Christian” values? I’ve got news for all of you Zionist Christians – Israel HAS NO VALUES! Why do you think Christ rebuked the cheif rabbis to begin with?

Have any of you Christians supporting Israel ever bothered to read the Talmud, the book all rabbis study, which decrees that Jesus is in hell, being boiled in feces, because he opposed the rabbis? That little ditty can be found in the “holy book” of Judaism in Tractate Gittin 57a. You better have a barf bag handy while investigating the crude rantings of the Talmud. Just dust off the one you use while watching the debased programs of prime time TV or the latest Hollywood release.

So Christ should be boiled in excrement, eh? No wonder some refer to these sinners as being of the Synagogue of Satan!

How long will you Zionist Christians stand by and watch these Judeo Bolsheviks (that founded the unlawful state of Israel) murder Palestians and Christians (50 million in Russia during the Revolution) to acheive their sick marxists goals? All Christians who have turned their backs on Jesus’ teachings by supporting the Israeli genocide in the Middle East will have to answer to God. Repent NOW by withdrawing your support for the demonic terrorist state of Israel and begin asking our Lord to dismantle that insanely evil state at once. The sins that unholy nation is visiting upon the world are creating war, terror and constant chaos, and shall not go unpunished. Divine retribution will be meted out to Israel, its inhabitants, and all those who support the Israeli state, which continues holocausting Palestinians and any Christians that get in their way. May the founders of Israel, its leaders and its people, as well as any counrty or person that supports its unspeakable crimes against humanity be punished by God.

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Jesus was surrendered to the Father’s will…

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Since the release of the Gospel of Judas, which stated that Jesus collaborated with Judas about his betrayal and crucifixtion, it has been suggested in some newspaper columns and blogs that perhaps Jesus was suicidal. Those asking such questons have poor understanding of Jesus’ enlightened spiritual state. Jesus was a spiritual Master with knowledge of the past, present and future of all beings, including himself, and he understood all the mysteries of the cosmos. Jesus had advance knowledge of his own death, and it broke his heart knowing he would soon be betrayed and crucified by those he loved. Thus he prayed to the Father, “take this cup from me”. Despite the works he performed out of great love for the world, he would still be betrayed, tortured and crucified. For this reason he warned his followers, “If the world hates you, be aware that it hated me.” After sweating blood and falling to the ground in agony prior to his arrest, Jesus surrendered to his father’s will and allowed himself to be taken away at the Gethsame.

According to the Gospel of Judas, Judas asked Jesus why he was having nightmares that he was being stoned. Jesus told him that he would have a special mission that would require sacrifice and cause him much grief and suffering. Apparently Jesus revealed to Judas what had to be done and Judas complied with the instructions of his Master. This is also confirmed in the four Gospels of the NT that describe how Jesus told Judas at the last supper to do what he had to do quickly. Jesus was trying to keep with the divine time table and have his crucification completed prior to the Sabbath.

Judas’ unenviable role in the passion and death of Jesus was more important than that of any other disciple. He was an integral part of the passion play. I always believed that, and the revelations in Judas’ Gospel confirmed it for me. It is unfortunate that Judas was blamed for something that was part of the divine plan. His sacrifice was huge. Judas probably did not know that turning Jesus in would lead to his death, and in the end that drove him to suicide. Jesus most likely did not reveal this information to Judas beforehand, since it might have prevented Judas from going through with it. Judas’ betrayal led to the passion and crucifixion of Jesus, which ultimately saved the world, ultimately making the betrayal a sacred act. This is what people don’t understand. Judas sacrificed everything for his Master, Jesus, including his life. Because of Judas’ actions, Jesus’ greatness will always be honored and celebrated the world over.

by aura

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