Letterman takes heat for sexist slam against Palin’s minor daughter

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aura writes; I guess you could say David really put his foot in his mouth this time. You know what they say, turn around is fair play.

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Special Olympics Bowling Champ to Barack: Bring it On!

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A bowling phenom in the Special Olympics has just challenged Prez Barack Obama to a White House roll-off … and he’ll probably kick Barack’s butt. LINK – tmz.com

BACKGROUND: The EU’s plans for Kosovo

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Regardless of whether or not they recognize the independence of Kosovo, European Union states have already drawn up plans for how to maintain stability in the Balkan province. POLICE MISSION: the EU’s main immediate contribution to Kosovo’s development is to be a policing and justice mission made up of some 1,900 foreign (mainly EU) policemen,

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Webb Suggests Legal Action Against Bush On Iraq

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Sam Stein – The Huffington Post
Sen. Jim Webb thinks legal action against the Bush administration may be needed if the president pursues a long-term military presence in Iraq without Congress’ approval.

“I’m not convinced we don’t need to have a lawsuit ready,” Webb told the Huffington Post. “This is a classic separation of powers issue. I started to talk to people about this today.”
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Kucinich Under Fire

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Posted on Feb 7, 2008
By Rep. Dennis Kucinich

Cleveland, Ohio, a city which represents all of the challenges and potential of the American economy, is rightfully the focal point of the Ohio Democratic presidential primary on March 4. The candidate who can deliver an economic platform with solid programmatic initiatives for jobs, health care, education and retirement security can win the state and be on the path to the nomination. Of course, I am no longer a candidate for president. When I was continually locked out of presidential debates, it became apparent that there was no chance. At the same time, labor in Cleveland asked me to come back and defend the 10th District congressional seat.

The FEC [Federal Election Commission] reports released last week show that in the Democratic primary, I am currently being outspent by a margin of 5-1. Read more at LINK