Obama Administration moves to shield Bush Administration, Military Officials from prosecution for war crimes

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ima_sinnic says – “change” blah blah blan “change” blah blah blah “look forward” – it’s all BULLSHIT. “cutting deals” with Bush, as suggested above? oh, that’s nice. I always like to “cut deals” with war criminals, thieves, mass murderers. Delightful company.

Obama has heard from me several times on this issue. He is complicit with war crimes and I can’t get behind someone who is in essence a war criminal. His “constitutional scholar” “creds” are also BULLSHIT. If he were really a “constitutional scholar,” Bush et al. would be in prison awaiting trial for their OBVIOUS violations of the Constitution. What is so fucking HARD about that?

O can “look forward” all he wants, but the rats, vermin, torturers, thieves, and fucking WAR CRIMINALS are underfoot and ensuring that they are permanently embedded in our government. How does he expect The People to get behind him when he will not take even a fucking baby step to seeing that Justice is served? sheesh. good-bye, barack. read more about Obama being in bed with Bush HERE


Watch trailer for ‘Shooting War’ – The Graphic Novel

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Shooting War: The New Graphic Novel (trailer) from SMITHmag on Vimeo.

There is nothing, but death

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by Jack Sprat
Sun Aug-05-07 06:47 PM

“There is no water, no electricity, there is nothing, but death.” These are the words of a Karbala resident. Only the wealthy can afford gasoline. This, in the country that sits on the 3rd largest proven fuel reserve in the world.

Iraq’s power grid is on the brink of collapse. Local provinces are unplugging themselves from the national grid. Water mains are going dry. Power outages and daily temperatures ranging from 110 to 120 degrees make life almost unbearable. Of 17 high-tension lines running into Baghdad, only 2 are operational.

Do you think that we can ask our politicians to reappraise their positions as “liberators and occupiers” of this poor, pathetic population of Iraqis? The insurgent attacks destroy any repairs of power lines and fuel lines as soon as the repairs are made. What more can we do to destroy this country that we haven’t already done? This is well into the 5th year of occupation. There is nothing more that our Armed Forces can do but to kill and be killed. There is nothing, but death. Are there no limits to our guilty national pride?

When presidential candidates are asked whether American soldiers have died in vain, in Vietnam and Iraq, there is no need for downward glances, foot shuffling, long pauses, and mumbled rejections. The answer is easy. YES. Most of them died because our guilty national pride wouldn’t allow us pack up and leave when it was long past time. LINK

Deceit by General Stanley McChrystal cited in cover up of Pat Tillman’s fratricide

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AP: Tillman Memo Contradicted Citation
By Scott Lindlaw and Martha Mendoza, AP Writers
Friday, August 3, 2007

After a year-long inquiry that ended in March, the Pentagon’s acting inspector general found that McChrystal should be held “accountable for the inaccurate and misleading assertions” in the Silver Star award recommendation; and for failing to notify the officials processing the award that friendly fire was likely. Read article at LINK

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