Spring Equinox Has Arrived. Woo Hoo!!!

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Spring is officially here (according to the calender anyway), but you wouldn’t know it by the temperature outside. It’s in the mid forties. Nevertheless, happy spring to one and all. I spent the weekend doing yard work. I did alot of raking and clearing, and filled in afew of the many holes dug into the backyard by my dogs (I have two). I am going to be transplanting tullips from the back yard to my Mother Mary garden in the front yard. For all of you with a green thumb, I have some tips for you on how to grow a super looking lawn. I can’t take credit for them though. My friend at work (who has a spectacular lawn) gave them to me. I am going to start working on my lawn on Wednesday and plan to use the new lawn care tips to bring my grass up to snuff. So in case you are interested, here are the instructions she gave me…

Rake off thatch when the weather starts hitting sixty, then aerate grass using a machine that takes plugs out of the soil. Follow up with your first application of 20/20/20 (nitrogen, phosorous and one other component which I can’t think of now). The 20/20/20 is like giving your lawn a B12 injection. It greens it up and stimulates the roots to grow.  Apply grubex with a spreader in July.  If you have barren areas or patches on your lawn that need rejuvenation, mix some peet moss with enriched top soil and spread seeds on top. Don’t thatch or aerate reseeded areas of your lawn. You might want to enquire with your lawn care specialist about using golf course grass if you have dogs that like to dig up the yard. Water your lawn once a day if it’s growing in clay and twice a day if its in sand. If you have problems with your dogs digging, patch up the lawn as described above, and buy a roll of chicken wire or any fine mesh material, cut it to whatever size square you need with some wire cutters, then secure the wire mess to the ground with some wires that you can fashon from a wire coat hanger. Cut the hanger up into six inch pieces and then bend them into the shape of a “U”. Us the “U” wires to anchor the wire mesh squares securely to the ground to keep it in place. The barren areas can be reseeded and watered through the wire mesh. I’lll continue to edit this post as needed to clarify these instructions and add more information on growing a lush green grass as soon. Good luck to y’all and enjoy the warm weather ahead. Yee ha!



Unchecked Influence in US Foreign Policy

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Pro Israel Lobby in US Under Attack 

WASHINGTON, March 20 (UPI) — Two of America’s top scholars have published a searing attack on the role and power of Washington’s pro-Israel lobby in a British journal, warning that its “decisive” role in fomenting the Iraq war is now being repeated with the threat of action against Iran. And they say that the Lobby is so strong that they doubt their article would be accepted in any U.S.-based publication.

Professor John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago, author of “The Tragedy of Great Power Politics” and Professor Stephen Walt of Harvard’s Kenney School, and author of “Taming American Power: The Global Response to U.S. Primacy,” are leading figures American in academic life.

They claim that the Israel lobby has distorted American policy and operates against American interests, that it has organized the funneling of more than $140 billion dollars to Israel and “has a stranglehold” on the U.S. Congress, and its ability to raise large campaign funds gives its vast influence over Republican and Democratic administrations, while its role in Washington think tanks on the Middle East dominates the policy debate.

And they say that the Lobby works ruthlessly to suppress questioning of its role, to blacken its critics and to crush serious debate about the wisdom of supporting Israel in U.S. public life.

“Silencing skeptics by organizing blacklists and boycotts — or by suggesting that critics are anti-Semites — violates the principle of open debate on which democracy depends,” Walt and Mearsheimer write. Link – Indy Press

Sex Tales

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Man Kills Wife For Refusing Sex [March 18, 2006]

KOLKATA: A man hacked his wife to death in a West Bengal town because she refused to sleep with him, reports said on Saturday.

Pradip Jhapri of Mahestala in the Uluberia area of Howrah district near Kolkata Friday hacked his 21-year-old wife Sandhya to death after she resisted his sexual advances at night. Link


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On this clear night, I could see hundreds of stars twinkling in the dark sky despite minimal amounts of light pollution being throw off by the lamp posts in my small city. It was cold out, but thankfully we didn’t get the four inches of snow that had been predicted for today in the forecast yesterday. I was chilly all day today and spring can’t come soon enough for me. To celebrate the beauty of this starry night, I leave you with a dazzling image of our Milky Way taken by the Hubbel Space Telescope. Enjoy the beauty of our wonderous Galaxy and good night y’all…



Happy St. Paddy’s Day Everybody!

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I raise my glass to toast my Irish ancestors and to honor them for overcoming all the obstacles in their path to forge a new life in America during the twentieh century. They were a scrappy bunch and endured much suffering in their elusive pursuit of happiness, which we all seek. I want to wish my Aunt Monica a very Happy Birthday :P, and dedicate this sweet Irish poem to my dearly departed grandmother, my Aunt Evelyn and my beloved Aunt Nora, all safely dwelling energetically with St. Patrick in the afterlife. I miss you all. Till we meet again someday on the rainbow bridge…

 Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears..but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you… I loved you so much..’twas heaven here with you…


Welcome to my world…

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Hello Y’all,

March is moving ahead at a steady pace with winter finally tapering off and one last snowfall expected tonight. Hope everyone had a prodcutive winter. It was pretty mild with global warming and all, but you wouldn’t know it by the gas prices. They skyrocketed this season, despite the fact that natural gas prices were falling on the commodities market all winter. I learned this morning on NPR while driving to work that Wyoming is in the midst of an economic boom driven by energy companies drilling for natural gas in the area. Despite the massive amounts of gas being drilled in Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico, gas prices keep going up. Who’d thunk? Since I’m not fond of lining the pockets of Bush and Cheney’s buddies with my hard earned money, and since natural gas prices are expected to keep rising, I bought a corn burning furnace last week. Now it’ll only cost $400 a year to heat my house, instead of $2000. Go here for the scoop on energy companies drilling for gas where the antelope play.

And take a look at this chart, detailing how natural gas prices have skyrocketed since 2001. It isn’t pretty. Read it and weep…

…then run out and get a corn furnace like I did. You’ll sleep better at night knowing you’ll still be able to eat after forking over dough for your heating bill. Here’s what my new corn furnace looks like –

I bought the corn furnace from Ja-Ran Enterprises in the thumb of northern Michigan. They build an outstanding unit and can fill you’re order pretty quick, which is unusual for companies selling corn furnaces and stoves these days. With gas prices going through the roof, they’re orders have really taken off. You can check out Ja_Ran here at their homepage for more info on corn furnaces. And oh yeah, if you decide to buy a corn furnace, tell them Mike sent you. 😛

It looks like I’ll have one more go round with the snow blower before retiring it for the winter. I’m looking forward to getting outdoors as much as possible as soon as spring rolls around. Cheers!