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Alex on the ropes

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aura writes; Check out the vid above, as Alex Jones explains how FOX is framing him as an Instigator of ‘Violent’ Web Comments. Apparently Alex has been served a subpoena and he seems genuinely concerned. I know I've criticized Alex from time to time on this blog, on YouTube and even on his site, but I do respect him and consider him the leader of the patriot movement. His alarm at the latest turn of events is cause for concern for his millions of fans worldwide. I am therefore requesting everyone to pray for Alex, his family and his business everyday. We should also check Fox Nation board as much as possible and contact DHS with any threats against Obama or anyone else, out of a great abundance of caution for the safety of our Chief Executive. Let's all pitch in to set Fox straight and lend our support to Alex.


Obama turns off water to bread basket of the world in Fresno, California. Arnold falls in line behind Obama’s starvation of America program

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