Alex Jones on his fight against the New World Order – “I’m all in.”

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One of the most powerful broadcasts ever by Alex Jones, calling out the criminals that have hijacked the American government and challenging them as they take him on in the mainstream media to paint him as a kook to distract everyone from his truth telling mission. God bless you and keep you safe Alex – you are truly a national treasure.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Cyber stampede temporarily crashes registration site for tix to Michael Jackson’s July 7th memorial

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Michael Jackson fans crash website as they clamour for tickets to his Staples Centre memorial service Continue reading at LINK

Flashback – Cyber dunce Ted Stevens talks nonsense on net neutrality

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In light of douchebag Senator Jay Rockefeller’s recent declaration that the Internet is now the greatest threat to National Security, I’m reposting the inane ravings of his former colleague, Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska. Thanks for the memories Ted. Crooks and Liars mp3 link to Ted Stevens “series of tubes” remix.

It’s absolutely hilarious, but also incredibly scary since Ted Stevens is shaping the debate on net neutrality in the Senate, and wields the most influence on shaping ecommerce policy. He knows nothing about the net and is bought and paid for by telecom corporations. Listen to the mp3 on the above link and laugh until you cry. Forget about the Queen – God save the internet from Ted Stevens and the telecom giants!!!