Oil Spill

Transocean Oil Rig, Deepwater Horizon, Sabotaged?

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Fixing the Gulf Oil Leak: Blowout Preventers and Robotic Submarines

“According to BP’s CEO Tony Hayward, the blowout preventer should have kicked in the day that the explosion occurred, but failed to do so. They don’t seem to know why.” Link to story for latest details

“It’s a mystery, a huge Apollo 13-type mystery,” as to why the blowout preventer did not work, said a person familiar with the efforts to activate it, who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the subject.”

aura writes; This so called accident is looking more like an act of ecological terrorism everyday to help get the cap and tax bill passed to save the European royal families from losing their crumbling financial empires. Read the article linked above and decide for yourself.