LaRouchePAC Weekly Report – John Hoefle got a haircut

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aura writes; “Hi everyone”, says Jeff Steinberg. Jeff is back with John Hoefle (who cut his long hair) for this week’s broadcast of the Larouche Weekly Report. The guys shared lots of information and warned that all hell would break loose because of the collapsed US economy at the Federal level, as well as the state and local levels. They explain that because the current US leadership in the White House and Congress are treading all over the US Constitution and ignoring the people, that marshal law may soon be declared, which would result in chaos – the aim of the British Empire who they state are behind the current deteriorating state of economic affairs worldwide. Both John and Jeff gave an in depth analysis of the British led Opium war now taking place in Afghanistan, which they say is for the sole purpose of laundering money to buy favors and make pay offs to unsavory underlings, as the economic ship of the west continues to list before sinking altogether. John and Jeff also a get into a lengthy discussion about currency trading and the need to set a fixed rate for national currencies worldwide to prevent rogue British financiers from bankrupting nations by selling currencies short. Its a great show, which I highly recommend and encourage everyone to see if they have the time and inclination and do so.

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