Sadness in Iran as Mullahs hand reformers another defeat.

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aura writes; Maybe if the bastards at the UN would lighten up a bit on the sanctions, the Iranian people wouldn’t be going through such hardship. The United Nations  NEVER bothers to sanction Israel for the scores of resolutions its disregarded over the decades, yet this evil institution has no qualms about caving to pressure brought to bear by the US and Israel jointly to punish the Iranian people with odious sanctions. The double standard is sheer hypocrisy, unacceptable and downright criminal. If the US were truly a sovereign nation, it would get out of the UN and send its diplomats packing. They are nothing more than lackeys of the global elite anyway. Lackeys that always stack the deck against countries with oil wealth like Iran AND Iraq – to weaken them so that their agents in the west can attack militarily. That makes the UN an organization of hostile intent, instead of the benevolent institution it passes itself off to be. If the UN fell into the East River tomorrow, the world would be better off for it.

Hopefully Bibi won’t have the guts to attack Iran now with Barack leaning on him heavy. The US is stretched too thin right now to greenlight an Iranian invasion, thank heavens. The US is still too busy creating chaos in Iraq, and escalating violent clashes inside Afghanistan and Pakistan. And now with North Korea making threats and on the defensive, a nuke could soon get thrown into the mix. That’s just how these nutty  leaders roll. I wish the global elite and their minions, and every single tyrannical leader on Earth along with their lackeys, would go to straight to hell in a hand basket and leave the rest of us alone. From my lips to God’s ears.

If Israel is crazy enough to attack Iran without US authorization, then they won’t get any help from Barack, that’s for sure. Which means they’ll lose like they did in Lebanon and their elite forces will be driven home crying like little girls.  The Israelis only launch attacks against unarmed populations anyway, because they’re cowards (not to mention liars and thieves), and their only fight if the odds are in their favor, like their lopsided war against GAZA, for instance. You know, the one where some of their own soldiers were bitching about being ordered by higher ranking officers to kill unarmed civilians, including men, women and children. The Israeli army has been known to drop 500 lb bomb GAZA, once killing on a professor, his wife and eight children, and they also are fond of running over Palestinian kids with tanks, and to testing out US weapon systems on the occupied people of GAZA, or airing porn on their all their TV stations, while the US and the rest of the world turn a blind eye to these war crimes. The Israeli leaders and their allies responsible for this carnage will be forced to answer to God for it. You see, He hears Palestinan prayers too.

I wish the people of the Republic of Iran well and feel a sense of fellowship with them because I know what its like to struggle against government corruption, and in the case of the United States, of monumental proportions. They feel the deck is stacked against them, and that is a sentiment many of us in the America share with the people of the Republic of Iran. With God’s help, may we all overcome government tyranny together. Mr. Ahmadinejad should tone down his rhetoric in the future for the sake of his people, so they are not subjected to anymore unfair sanctions by the institution that bears the mark of the beast – the UN. President Obama should ask the UN to lift the sanctions against the Republic of Iran immediately as a humaitarian gesture to save the Iranian people from any further suffering. And then he should ask the UN to enforce every resolution ever passed against Israel under threat of sanction, and if the UN doesn’t  do it, he should show them the door. In fact, he should show them the door anyway.


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